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Armon Hanatzive Promenade - Night course

General Background

Armon Hanatzive Night Tour Guided Segway Tour Overview The Old City Challenging & Unique Attraction Extraordinary experience combining hovering on cutting edge  technology to fascinating guidance & breathtaking scenery The guided segway night tour at the promenade of Armon Hanatzive is 6 kilometers long & last 1 hour & 40 minutes.

The tour is a winning combination of fresh mountain air, smell of pine trees, fascinating explanations about the nostalgic scenery & hovering on the cutting edge technology, At the course we will stop for 15 minutes in a beautiful observation post.

over viewing the old city & part of the new city, the walls, the jewish quarter, the temple mount, the kidron river, mount olive, mount scopus and many other sites. Segway Jerusalem managed, own & operated by assaf polivoda, a licensed tour guide.

The tour inclusive interesting story's and explanations about the wonderful Jerusalem scenery. Our segway's are all the new generation, model I 2. Important fact for safety and easy ride compare to the older segway generation Our goal is to provide our guests with a comprehensive and an amazing experience including all relevant information with a great panoramic overview of Jerusalem. Segway was invented by an American jewish guy. The segway is the world's first self-balancing human transporter, It manages to stay upright by itself, To move forward or backward the rider just lean slightly forward or backward, to turn right or left the rider turns the handlebar.

Thanks to a collection of microprocessors and gyroscopes the balancing and the hovering feeling act is the most amazing about the segway. We are certain that we can provide you with an extraordinary tour that you will never forget. Our exclusive tour is unmatched in standard, providing the optimal service. This tour is Suitable for groups of up to 40 participants as well as couples, families, guests & host.

Must be over 16 years old, unsuitable to pregnant womens, max weight 120 kilo.
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