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Fun days & consolidation


Breaking the head what to do to fit exactly and be enjoyable for everyone?

You are not really sure what is the most appropriate for your company?
Easy going activity? Challenging activity?

You want the fun day formulation to be logistic scheduled properly?

How important is that the vendors and instructors are professional quality?

With time and experience we got to know the industry and the best suppliers, we can produce for you a fun day without missing any detail, you will be free worries and headaches knowing a detail oriented team is taking care of the day.

We will reach a minimum expense and maximum quality, pleasure and fun. Because our customers indicate our specialty's we get 100% feedback, therefore We afford to guarantee 100% satisfaction running full responsibility.


The social heart of the company's is corporate events, after days of working under stress & pressure routine, the special connection between employees created during social events.

Segway Jerusalem offers a unique experience of disengagement from the routine by nature.

In the first stage we have a conversation with your representative.
The purpose of the initial conversation is to identify the nature of the company, the nature of the workers, the purpose of the event, you're wishes and requests and of course the budget. If a character is a young company, which employs Young and dynamic group, then we can look for exercise activity or alternatively after long working days the company wants to rest and relax instead of running around.

After we got the general impression about the nature of the company and its employees and knew the general direction of the event, we will start working on the operative places, attractions & tasks. We will formulate ideas, delegate them to the next call and together we decide on the most appropriate activity. The event will be produced in great detail, including selection and coordination of attractions, quality tour guides and all the professionals most qualified vendors. during all work will update you and consult to ensure that the result will answer Fully your requirements.
We guarantee satisfaction with full responsibility!

A company is always looking for the employee's benefits, the choice of which activity is extremely important. The company need to be sensitive to the beneficial aspects and also be aware of the harmful aspects, there are some employees who do not feel comfortable with activities that are exposing to deeper levels of emotional and mentalanalyze, especially around there colleagues. 

Our team can select & provide spiritual enrichment activities without exposing employee's to emotional and mental analyze .our producers are responsible & experienced, we have chosen for you only the appropriate activities.

Not everyone likes to run for quizzes, navigation games and challenging tasks. The concept of fun days for employees is in the process of consolidation of change, the alternative nature activities is accelerating. A new study in the U.S. states that the entertainment together activities are more enjoyable then social missions and competitive challenges.

So if you don't feel like running around after long working days, if the are pregnant women's in your group or there are friends in pain, if a small part of the group are older people & are unable to participate in such activities. 
We have an extraordinary special production proposal to offer you.

So what activities are suitable for all employee's, Experiential and will stays in there memory for long-term?

We start by setting up a base camp over viewing breathtaking scenery to the old city of Jerusalem.

The base is a 120 sqm. decorative lycra tent. In side the tent you will find mats, pillows, cushion seats, tables and chairs,
backgammon & chess games, guitars & African drums and Special musical instrument from South America. Outside the
base tent there is another tent with a wine bar, hot and cold beverages and natural juices which Participants will be able
to squeeze juices themselves.

You can order Glatt Kosher meals: Rich dairy breakfast, lunch meat meal, vegetables Plates, fruit platters, chocolates or something as easy as like Baguley with za'tara & cheese, pizza, Sandwiches, hummus and falafel, or anything you ask.

You can choose from a wide variety of activities, but first we packed for you a suitcase with special and enjoyable hottest activities. We arranged them in the order sought hottest top of the list.

  • Segway guided tour of old Jerusalem.
  • Culinary chef tour in machne yehuda market.
  • Walking tour to the old City.
  • Evening trip on the Old City walls.
  • Safari vehicle trip to the Herodion Judean Desert.
  • Therapeutic compound massage in decorative tent.
  • Tour to the picturesque Ein Kerem village.
  • drums circle.
  • alcohol / wine / chocolate activity.
  • Belly Dance activity.
  • Laughter Yoga Workshop.
  • Mysticism - Astrology. Numerology, Tarot.
  • Cooking by Chef Workshop.
  • Challenge Workshop - ODT brainstorming social tasks.
  • Karaoke.
  • Food sculpture workshop.
  • Meditation Workshop.
  • Formation Workshop Managers

Challenging activities

  • ATV, Jeep / meringue, Rim
  • Horse Riding.
  • Cycling.
  • Rappelling and Omega.
  • Rafting, and canoeing.
  • Paintball games.
  • Games Development Team, write a riddle.
  • Treasure Hunt mission.

every formation & a fun day is full of fun and exciting challenge to the production team.
We place our goals according to the group size, ages & company requirements and needs.
If the purpose of the event is to consolidate, we recommend to remain On formulating, the most important goal is not be tempted by other activities that will not advance our goal.

Consolidation days goals may be different from one organization to another.
Here are some examples for different purposes that we can match day formulation of each group individually.

  • Creating more familiarity between people.
  • Increased level of communication between employees.
  • Conflict resolution or weaving new connections between members.
  • Increased loyalty and organizing groups.
  • Approximation between management and various departments.
  • Preparation for a joint project team.

For who Those day formulation suitble?
There are many cases in needs to formulate a special day.
Here are some examples.

  • Different departments who want to consolidate them to
  • increase the level of cooperation between the two.
  • One department working together and want to elevate
  • the communication to get better results. 
  • Division consisting of several different departments and need to bring together
  • various departments to achieve better results in the organization.
  • Forming a team or department after the dismissal of some members of staff.

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