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Segway was invented by a Jewish guy named Dean Kamen, 2002 technology inventor of the year in America. The futuristic two-wheeled Segway is simulating the action of walking through places meant for pedestrian. This revolutionary idea is easy to use and completely safe. The rider stands on a stable platform, balanced on two wheels linked by a single axis. By leaning forward or backward, this amazing vehicle is put into motion. Want to stop or slow down? Just lean a little backward, and the vehicle stops.

This amazing vehicle stand on the highest level of safety, moving the Israeli ministry of transportation to approve the Segway Act law, allowing the use of the vehicle in pedestrian areas: sidewalks, walkways, markets and parks.

Want to know how this all works? Segway, whose development saw the investment of about 100 million dollar and the involvement of world leading companies: Michelin, Delphi, and General Electric, includes five gyroscopes and two inclination sensors, reading the body movements and its position compared to the ground 100 times a second. Bottom line, why make it complicated? This is fun, cool, and most important - easy to use.

The Segway stabilizing the rider and allowing them to ride it with no needed former knowledge or experience.

Segway is a 'green' vehicle, consuming no gas or fuel, energized by long-range batteries, and charged using a home power socket!!!

We have the newest fleet in the world Segway

(Model I-2)

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