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Segway tours for couples and families


we have chosen for you the most beautiful & the safes course in jerusalem.  the 3 promenades at Armon Hanatzive.

This track combines great Motor experience with exciting breathtaking  scenery & fascinating explanations of 
Longstanding history of ancient Jerusalem.

The course overview the Old City, part of the new city, Mount of olive, Mount scopus, the walls,the kidron river, the forest peace, the security fence, the Judean desert and the Dead sea. 

Safety comes first ...
Segway Jerusalem does not  running tours in urban and dangerous courses, according to that we selected for you the safest the route passes along a comfortable paths, without sharply pits and slopes, without narrow passages and no traffic.

the route does not include crossing roads and pedestrians, without cars parked on the pavement, causing the rider down the road, this route convenient beautifully paved completely and entirely full of nature among pine trees and a picturesque view.

each participant is equipped with a kit that includes a helmet professional, kneepads and elbow. on every tour Inspector team and cattle safety.

The most common question we are asked, Can we join the tour if are a couple?

The answer is yes.
We conduct group & private tours.

"Segway Jerusalem" managed by a certified tour guide - Assaf Polivoda.
Our Segways are the world latest generation, model, I 2

The tour is suitable for ages 16 and older, up to 120 kilo weight, The tour is not suitable for pregnant women.


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